How it works

Save up to 22%
  • SpeedComforts heat up your room twice as fast. This means you can lower your thermostat by 1-2 degrees while keeping your room just as comfortable.
  • SpeedComforts move the heat contained in a radiator into the room more quickly. That heat is also distributed more evenly.
  • SpeedComforts make it possible to lower the supply temperature of your central heating boiler to 60 degrees. Your boiler will then work much more economically.
  • The SpeedComfort costs less than £0.32 on electricity per year.

More information and an overview can be seen below. If you already know what you need, order your SpeedComforts directly from our webshop.

For most radiators and convectors

Standard radiators

The most commonly used radiators consist of two or three panels. There is generally more than 7 cm of space between the panels. The SpeedComfort can be placed here under the radiator. Simply click them into place using the handy magnetic sliders.

For narrow radiators

Does your radiator have less than 7 cm of space between the panels? The SpeedComfort can be set up underneath these as well. Simply pull the magnetic slides out of the SpeedComfort and put them back with the magnets facing upwards. Click in place and you’re done.

The SpeedComfort will now hang tightly under the radiator.

Single radiators

If you have a radiator with one panel, pull the magnet slides out of the housing and put them back in place with the magnets facing upwards on one side. With the magnets against the back of the radiator, the SpeedComfort hangs tightly underneath.

Convector of convector ducting

Each SpeedComfort comes with 4 legs. These can be found inside the housing. Place the legs in the specially-made holes with the foot in the longitudinal direction. You can now place the SpeedComfort either on top of the convector block or below it.

This is how SpeedComforts work


Universally applicable

SpeedComforts are suitable for almost all radiators and convectors. The magnetic sliders make it possible to use them on almost all radiators. Simply put the legs in the housing
and place them on the convector.


Automatic operation

SpeedComforts come with a thermostat switch that you click on the radiator near the hot water supply. The SpeedComforts then switch on automatically when your radiator or convector gets warm. The fans will switch on automatically when the thermostat switch reaches 33 degrees. At 25 degrees they switch off again.


Silent fan

SpeedComforts fans are whisper quiet. They make less than 20 db noise. This is less than the sound of rustling leaves.


Lossless adapter

The included adapter is lossless. SpeedComforts are energy efficient: they use about £0.32 worth of electricity per year.


Installed in an instant

SpeedComforts can be fitted to most radiators and convectors. Simply install them under the radiator using the magnets. Or set them up on a convector using the legs from the housing. Then install the sensor near the hot water supply, again using the magnets, and plug the adapter into the socket. You don’t have to do anything else: the smart radiator fan will switch itself on and off at the right temperatures.

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This is what you need

Is it necessary to install as many SpeedComforts to your radiators/convectors as possible?
The answer is simple: no. Start with the living room. If you have other rooms that are heavy users of the heating system, it may be useful to install our smart radiator fans there too.

Rule of thumb for the number of SpeedComforts to be installed

The number of SpeedComforts you need depends on the size of the room. One SpeedComfort is usually sufficient for a bedroom of approximately 12 square metres (+/- 30 m³). A larger room will have larger demands of course.

Determine how many you need as follows: – One SpeedComfort moves approximately 30 m³ of air per hour. The aim is to circulate all the air in a room once every hour. This means you need one SpeedComfort for a room of 30 m³, two SpeedComforts for 60 m³, etc.

Calculation example: a living room of 5 m wide, 8 m long and 3 m high has a capacity of 120 m³. In this case, a Trio set with an Extension set, or two Duo sets are required.

SpeedComforts are safe for children

Particular circumstances

Radiators often have a hard time heating a room. Maybe there is a sofa in front of it, a wide windowsill above it, or it is hidden behind a decorative casing. In these cases, SpeedComforts provide extra help because, despite these obstructions, they push the warm air into the room.

Linking multiple SpeedComforts

Keep in mind that you need an average length of 50 cm for each SpeedComfort. Therefore, three are required for a radiator/convector of 1.60 m. You can connect up to 20 SpeedComforts from one adapter. The webshop has expansion sets in addition to complete packages. These always include a 30-cm connection cable.

  • SpeedComfort – Monoset

    Suitable for radiators and convectors from 50 cm to 70 cm
    Original price was: 65,95 £.Current price is: 59,95 £.
    • 1x SpeedComfort
    • 1 x 12V Adapter, cord length: 1.80 m
    • 1 x External thermostat switch with magnet attachment on a 60 cm cable
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  • SpeedComfort – Duoset

    Suitable for radiators and convectors from 75 cm to 120 cm
    Original price was: 109,95 £.Current price is: 99,95 £.
    • 2x SpeedComfort
    • 1 x 12V Adapter, cord length: 1.80 m
    • 1 x External thermostat switch with magnet attachment on a 60 cm cable
    • 1 x Connection cable: 30 cm
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  • SpeedComfort – Trioset

    Suitable for radiators and convectors from 120 cm.
    Original price was: 154,95 £.Current price is: 139,95 £.
    • 3x SpeedComfort
    • 1 x 12V Adapter, cord length: 1.80 m
    • 1 x External thermostat switch with magnet attachment on a 60 cm cable
    • 2 x Connection cable: 30 cm
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