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The noise level of a SpeedComfort is less than 20 dB(A). This is a noise level that is lower than rustling leaves.
Do you think the noise level is still annoying? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
An adapter with a slightly lower voltage is available. This means the fan rotates slightly slower, which produces less noise.

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Installing a SpeedComfort is very easy thanks to the magnetic sliders on the top. A small adjustment is all that is required to make them suitable for most radiators or convectors and to install them. Then install the temperature sensor, also with magnets, on the radiator near the hot water supply (usually near the on/off knob). Then put the plug into the wall socket.

For radiators with two or three panels and at least 7 cm between the panels, install the SpeedComforts as they come out of the packaging using the magnetic sliders. The magnets will automatically “click” onto the iron of the radiator.

If the gap between the radiator panels is less than 7 cm, you can hang the SpeedComfort under the radiator. Pull the magnet sliders out of their track, rotate them so the magnet faces upwards and slide them back. The SpeedComfort can now be installed under the radiator.

The magnet sliders can also be turned round for a single panel radiator, but with all four magnets on one side.

Four feet that can be pressed into the special holes can be found at the bottom of the SpeedComfort. These can be used to install the SpeedComfort onto a convector or into a convector pit.

SpeedComforts have an external thermostat switch. Use the magnets to click this into place on or behind your radiator near the hot water supply. When the radiator or convector gets to 33 degrees close to the thermostat switch, the fans will turn on automatically. As a result, the radiator/convector moves heat more quickly from the radiator into the room. The room is brought to the desired temperature in half the time, and the heat is better distributed.
The fans stop when the temperature of the radiator/convector falls below 25 degrees.

A SpeedComfort moves approximately 30 m³ of air per hour. All the air in a room should preferably circulate once per hour. 1 SpeedComfort is enough for a small (bed) room of about 12 square metres. More will be required for a bigger room.
Calculation example: a living room of 5 m wide, 8 m long and 3 m high has a capacity of 120 m³. In this case you need 4 SpeedComforts: a Trio set with an Extension set, or two Duo sets.
– Bear in mind that an average length of 50 cm is required to put a SpeedComfort in place. This means 3 SpeedComforts will fit on a radiator/convector measuring 1.60 m.
Do you have any more questions? Feel free to contact us via [email protected] for more information

1. The SpeedComfort will only work (automatically) when the radiator is warmer than 33 degrees at the location of the thermostat switch. The SpeedComfort can be tested by plugging the adapter into the SpeedComfort without the thermostat switch being installed. The fans will then start to run. If you want to test the thermostat switch, hold a heated knife against the switch.
2. Are you sure the power outlet the SpeedComforts are connected to is working?
3. Are you sure the plug is plugged in properly and that the plug is fully plugged into the SpeedComfort?
4. Is there a good contact between the thermostat switch and the radiator panel?
5. Is the temperature of the radiator close to the thermostat switch (at least) 33 degrees? If not, bleeding and/or balancing can solve this problem.
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