Warranty & Guarantee

SpeedComfort Warmer Home Guarantee

At SpeedComfort we want you to be happy with your purchase and that's why we offer our 30-day 'Warmer Home Guarantee', so you can try the product out in your own home. If you decide that SpeedComfort isn't for you then simply send an email to  uksupport@speedcomfort.com  and we will get your return sorted out so you can get a full refund. One of the great things about SpeedComfort is that it is compact in size and relatively lightweight, so it won't cost much to return it to us. More often than not it will fit within Royal Mail Small Parcel.


SpeedComfort 2 Year Warranty

We offer a free 2-year warranty on all of our products so you can be confident in shopping with us.  We have worked hard to design a product that uses only the best quality components and we have been through many design iterations to remove potential points of failure, we are really proud of the functionality, robustness and longevity of SpeedComfort. If you purchase through our website, your order will be automatically logged and so you don't need to register your product with us to activate your warranty. If you have any warranty issues just drop an email to  uksupport@speedcomfort.com.