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More Comfort, Less Cost, Less CO2

SpeedComfort awards

SpeedComfort is an award-winning solution that allows you to get more out of your current heating system, increase comfort and save energy by speeding up convection. The installation is simple, without the need for tools or technical knowledge.


  • Radiator heating power: +20%
  • Space warm-up speed: +50%
  • Energy bill reduction: -22%


SpeedComfort’s mission is to help as many households as possible to feel warmer, reduce CO2 emissions and save on heating costs through smarter and more responsive heating.



What is SpeedComfort?


  • More comfort: By increasing the air circulation and heat distribution from your radiator, SpeedComfort gets your room up to a comfortable temperature about twice as fast. The super-quiet fans ensure that your peace of mind won’t be disturbed, all that you will notice is feeling warmer, faster.


  • Sustainable & energy-efficient: SpeedComfort increases the heat output from your radiator by a factor of two and is so energy efficient that it only uses around 0.9kWh of electricity per year, that’s less than £0.15p in real money. Due to the faster heat output, your thermostat can be switched off earlier and the temperature of your boiler lowered. With a shorter heating time and greater heat capacity, you can use your energy more efficiently and significantly reduce your heating costs.


  • Automatic On / Off: The smart thermosensor switches your SpeedComfort on when your radiator surface temperature reaches 28°C (82°F) and off again at 25°C (77°F). Once you have installed your SpeedComfort you can forget all about it and enjoy the benefits, it will look after itself.


  • Easy installation: SpeedComfort is a simple plug and play device that can be easily and quickly installed under your radiator without the need for special expertise or professional installation tools. Within a few seconds, you can click the SpeedComfort under your radiator with the integrated magnets. There are fitting kits for every type and length of radiator



Technical Explanation

When your radiator reaches 28°C the thermosensor will activate the integrated axial fans in the SpeedComfort which increases the convection current around your radiator at a rate of 89.7 cubic m/hr (52.8 CFM). This improved air-movement will draw more energy from your radiator resulting in more warmth being transferred to your room, spreading the heat more evenly and creating a warmer and more comfortable space.


Boosting the airflow and heat output of your radiators has the following benefits:


  • Your radiators are turbocharged: you'll get more heating power (up to 20%) from your existing central heating system.


  • The convection better mixes the air in the room. Heat trapped at ceiling level is no longer stuck and will be drawn down into the 'living zone'. Extensive tests show that this improved heat distribution is 1.2°C 


  • The warm air flow fills the room quicker. Warm-up time is accelerated and is on average 50% faster, only taking half the normal time to heat up the room.


  • By extracting more heat from the water/radiator, the 'return flow' to your boiler is cooler. This is good news: boilers work most efficiently when the difference between the in and outflow is bigger (heat recovery from flue gases). 


  • The increased warmth in your room enables you to lower your boiler water temperature. This saves energy and money from your heating bill.


  • With a better heat profile in the room (warmer in those places where you want it to be), most SpeedComfort users lower their room temperature settings on their thermostats. Did you know that lowering your thermostat by 1°C saves 6% to 7% on gas consumption?


  • Savings can go up to 22%. Some customers have reached 30%. The overall average savings of our customer base is 11.2%. This has been extensively tested and verified by both test agencies and customers.

If you want to get even more technical then check out the independent validation report here.

Won’t my electricity bills be higher?

Fractionally, but this will be more than offset by the savings to your gas bill. One SpeedComfort has a power rating of 0.6Watts and will cost less than £0.15p per heating season to run. (1,500 hours x 0.6 Watts = 900Wh = 0.9kWh @ UK average 0.15p/kWh)


If more energy is drawn out of my radiator, will my boiler have to work harder?

Potentially it will work harder, but for shorter periods of time than it was running previously, creating a net saving in energy. In addition, SpeedComfort has the following energy-saving benefits that will more than offset this short-lived extra work:


  • The return flow temperature is reduced which creates efficiency gains through heat reclamation due to condensation/flue gases.
  • The heating water temperature can be reduced requiring less effort from the boiler to get your room up to temperature.
  • More evenly heated rooms mean that you can turn down your room thermostats (or thermostatic radiator valves) and still maintain a comfortable temperature, this again requires your boiler to work less than before installing a SpeedComfort.


These points mean that SpeedComfort will likely reduce the overall energy consumption of your boiler and therefore you will be saving energy and your gas bill will be lower.


Won’t my other radiators be colder?

The vast majority of central heating systems are plumbed in parallel rather than in series. This means that the amount of heat drawn by one radiator won’t affect the heat output of the next radiator along, the water outflow of each radiator is returned to the boiler to be heated again.