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About SpeedComfort

SpeedComfort started its journey when our founder, Pieter van der Ploeg, pitched -and won- with the concept of a smart radiator ventilator at ‘Greenest Idea of Holland’, a national TV-show in 2015. After winning the show he had a 3D-printed prototype, a robust business plan and a new network of sustainable pioneers. An ideal start of SpeedComfort as a company. The smart device was optimized and production was started. The market introduction was in the winter of 2016 and immediately we won (or were runner-up of) another series of awards and acknowledgements, including the energy-saving competition of the DOEN Foundation, winner of ‘Frisse Dingen Award’ (literately translated: fresh things award) by the Natuur & Milieu foundation, a listing in the entrepreneurs Innovation Top 100 and many more. SpeedComfort kept on being improved and our latest acknowledgement is winning the National Energy Award by Greenchoice on Sustainable Tuesday in the House of Parliament in The Hague on September 3rd, 2019. 

SpeedComfort’s mission is to help households create more comfort while saving significantly on energy cost and CO² emissions. The initial goal was to storm the Dutch market to save at least 1 billion of CO²-emissions on gas/energy usage for heating. The Dutch consumer market seems to find its way to SpeedComfort and nowadays it can be found both online and offline, including in the largest Do-It-Yourself stores. Also from a business-to-business point of view SpeedComfort is an interesting solution to create more comfort and save energy in less well insulated and/or historic office buildings. Having enrolled in several Governmental Energy- and CO² reduction programs, we hope to be recognized as an official instrument/measure as of 2020.

Now that we have been embraced by the Dutch we have expanded our dreams: why not making a positive impact on the European heating market? Anyone using radiators should be able to save on his or her energy bill while enjoying more comfort. So the next, logical step is to expand to those countries where SpeedComfort fits the heating infrastructure and where it can make an impact. The first step is the UK and Germany, followed by Austria, Sweden, and many more.  

We don’t know where the journey ends but it makes sense to provide households and offices with more comfort at less cost. Experience it yourself: try it. We give you a warm-home guarantee: if for some reason it won’t work in your situation, you can simply return it.  


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